Muday Mitiku

Muday Enjera, based in the Kotebe region of Addis Ababa, are makers of indigenous Ethiopian staple flatbread dish, Injera, prepared from teff – a gluten-free seed grown and found in the Ethiopian highlands. The product is sold locally and in international markets.

Entrepreneur, Muday Mitiku , is a trained teacher and philanthropist. The profits of her company go to Muday Charity, Muday Association, and Fresh & Green Academy. The charity supports the underprivileged as well as street children. Through the association, close to 440 destitute women are economically empowered with skills and crafts and are trained to be independent and productive citizens.

Through Fresh & Green Academy, over 600 kids, aged three to fourteen, receive three nutritious meals every day and well-rounded education which includes: music, art, dance, and computer literacy.

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