Message From Country Project Coordinator

WEDP Web site is dedicated to Women Entrepreneurs engaged in Micro and small enterprises. The project wants to introduce you to its Training (both entrepreneurship and skill training) and credit facilities to women entrepreneurs. Hence, the project invites our esteemed businesswomen to use these essential services to expand your businesses. Please see the details of our services below.

Thank you!

       Yohannes Solomon
  WEDP Project Coordinator  


Welcome to WEDP


The development objective of Women Entrepreneurship Development Project (WEDP) is a project providing training and credit to micro and small enterprises owned or partly owned by the participating female entrepreneurs in in Addis Ababa,Dire Dawa,Mekele,Bahir Dar,Adama,Hawassa,Assela,Axum,Dilla, Gondar,Arba Minch,Shire,Jimma,Nekemte,Dessie,Debre Markos,Shashamane and Wolaita Sodo cities to increase the earnings and employment of the enterprises.


Women entrepreneurs in Ethiopia are disadvantaged from the start. They have less access to the finance, networks, and education which help their male counterparts advance. They face regular discrimination and harassment from society–sometimes even from their own families and communities. The challenges a woman entrepreneur in Ethiopia faces in growing her business are overwhelming.

Only one-third of the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the world are run by women. Women-business owners in developing countries face significant challenges to run their businesses, particularly in accessing finance.

An estimated 70% of women-owned SMEs in the formal sector in emerging markets are underserved by financial institutions. This amounts to a financing gap of $285 billion.


There are many reasons for this.


Women are less likely to own assets which can serve as collateral and are more likely to be excluded because of unequal property rights or discriminatory regulations, laws and customs.

Addressing this financing gap and investing in women-owned enterprises is one of the highest-return opportunities available in emerging markets.

The growth of female-owned enterprises can be a key driver in reducing overall high unemployment rates since unemployment rates among women are higher and since women are more likely to hire other women.

WEDP Services Offered :

  • Component 1: Access to Microfinance.
  • Component 2: Entrepreneurial skills Development.
  • Component 3: Project Management


WEDP Members


Trained Clients



Number of Loans



Disbursement Amt. ETB



Project Life Time


Our Core Services

Component 2: Entrepreneurial skills Development
Types of WEDP Training Services

WEDP Training

Component 1: Access to Finance.


The component is based on a two-tier structure where the Development Bank of Ethiopia (DBE) will act as an MSE finance wholesaler engaged in the business of lending to qualified Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs) with the specific requirement of on-lending only to female-owned or partly female-owned micro and small enterprises.


WEDP Member Registration System

WEDP–MIS & Data Integration .


WEDP MIS  Core objective  is automate & integrated data between
 WEDP registration at all OSS 49 ,
26 TVETs and 12 MFIs 
WEDP Clients Participating WEDP Sponsored Bazar


WEDP Question & Answer

WEDP Members eligibility criterias (የአባልነት የሚያበቁ መስፈርቶች) ?

የአባልነት የሚያበቁ መስፈርቶች

  1. ለመታወቂያ የሚያገለግል ፎቶ
  2. የንግድ ፈቃድ ኮፒ
  3. የታክስ ምዝገባ ቁጥር (TIN)
  4. የቀበሌ መታወቂያ ካርድ ከነኮፒው




Where to get WEDP OSSs ??

    List of WEDP OSSs with in the City

  1. Oss Code01-AK Wereda 07-አዲስ ከተማ ወረዳ 07
  2. 02-AK Wereda 08-አዲስ ከተማ ወረዳ 08
  3. 03-Akaki Kaliti Wereda 03-አቃቂ ቃሊቲ ከተማ 03
  4. 04-Akaki Kality Wereda 07-አቃቂ ቃሊቲ ወረዳ 07
  5. 05-Arada Wereda 02-አራዳ ወረዳ 02
  6. 06-Arada Wereda 08-አራዳ ወረዳ 08
  7. 07-Bole Wereda 07-ቦሌ ወረዳ 07
  8. 08-Bole Wereda  13-ቦሌ ወረዳ 13
  9. 09-Gulele Wereda 03-ጉለሌ ወረዳ 03
  10. 10-Gulele Wereda 07-ጉለሌ ወረዳ 07
  11. 11-Kirkos Wereda 02-ቂርቆስ ወረዳ 02
  12. 12-Kirkos Wereda 05-ቂርቆስ ወረዳ 05
  13. 13-Kolfe Wereda 05-ኮሌፌ ወረዳ 05
  14. 14-Kolfe Wereda 10-ኮሌፌ ወረዳ 10
  15. 15-Lideta Wereda 01-ልደታ ወረዳ 01
  16. 16-Lideta Wereda 03-ልደታ ወረዳ 03
  17. 17-NS Wereda 06-ነፋስ ስልክ ላፍቶ ወረዳ 06
  18. 18-NS Wereda 11-ነፋስ ስልክ ላፍቶ ወረዳ 11
  19. 19-Yeka Wereda 06-የካ ወረዳ 06
  20. 20-Yeka Wereda 08-የካ ወረዳ 08
  21. 21-Adama Kebele 4-አዳማ ቀበሌ 04
  22. 22-Adama Kebele 7-አዳማ ቀበሌ 07
  23. 23-Adama Kebele 8-አዳማ ቀበሌ 08
  24. 24-Adama Kebele 9-አዳማ ቀበሌ 09
  25. 25-Adama Kebele 12-አዳማ ቀበሌ 12
  26. 26-BD BelayZeleke SubCity-ባህርዳር በላይዘለቀ ክፍለከተማ
  27. 27-BD Fasilo SubCity-ባህርዳር ፋሲሎ ክፍለከተማ
  28. 28-BD GisheAbay SubCity-ባህርዳር ግሼአባይ  ክፍለከተማ
  29. 29-BD Hidar11 SubCity-ባህርዳር ህዳር11  ክፍለከተማ
  30. 30-BD Shumabo SubCity-ባህርዳር ሹማቦ ክፍለከተማ
  31. 31-DD Kebele 2-ድሬዳዋ ቀበሌ 02
  32. 32- DD Kebele 4-ድሬዳዋ ቀበሌ 04
  33. 33-DD Kebele 5-ድሬዳዋ ቀበሌ 05
  34. 34- DD Kebele 7-ድሬዳዋ ቀበሌ 08
  35. 35- DD Kebele 9-ድሬዳዋ ቀበሌ 09
  36. 36-Hawassa – AddisKetema SubCity-ሀዋሳ አዲስከተማ ክፍለከተማ
  37. 37-Hawassa – HaikDar SubCity-ሀዋሳ ሐይቅዳር ክፍለከተማ
  38. 38-Hawassa – Meneharia SubCity-ሀዋሳ መነሃሪያ ክፍለከተማ
  39. 39-Hawassa – Misrak SubCity-ሀዋሳ ምስራቅ ክፍለከተማ
  40. 40-Hawassa -Tabor SubCity-ሀዋሳ ታቦር ክፍለከተማ
  41. 41-Mekele Adihaki SubCity-መቀሌ አዲሀቂ ክፍለከተማ
  42. 42-Mekele Ayder SubCity-መቀሌ አይደር ክፍለከተማ
  43. 43-Mekele Hawlti SubCity-መቀሌ ሓዉልቲ ክፍለከተማ
  44. 44-Mekele KedamayWeyane SubCity-መቀሌ ቀዳማይ ወያነ ክፍለከተማ
  45. 45-Mekele Semen SubCity-መቀሌ ሰሜን ክፍለከተማ
  46. 46-Assela SubCity 04
  47. 47-Hayelom SubCity
  48. 48-Bedecha Boyete SubCity
  49. 49-Gondar Kebele 02

Where to get WEDP’s training providers

Entoto PTC
Misrak PTC
Nefas Silk PTC
Akaki PTC
Bahirdar PTC
Hawassa PTC
Mekelle PTC
Dire Dawa PTC
Adama PTC
Nefas Silk PTC
Dire-Dawa University
Axum PTC
Dilla TVET College
Yeka Industrial College
Asella TVET College
Gondar PTC
Shashemene PTC
Addis Ketema Industrial College
Kolfe Industrial College
Gofa Industrial College
Lideta Manufacturing College
Bole Manufacturing College
Africa Beza College

Where to get WEDP’s Partner Microfinance

Name Of MIF City Telephone No
Amhara Credit and Saving Institution S.C Bahir Dar

058-220-16-51 /52/


Mob. 0918-340256/

058-220-16-51 /52/


Mob. 0918-340256/
Addis Credit and Saving Institution S.C  Addis Ababa Addis Ababa 

0111-572720 /0118-957027

Mob. 0911-406174

  Wasasa Microfinance Institution Addis Ababa, Alemagena
Adama / Alemgena


Mob. 0911-673822/ 0113384133

WEDP-X: Uncollateralized Loans

Wasasa | World Bank | LenddoEFL Psychometric credit scoring as a replacement to collateral.

WEDP is working with Ethiopia’s largest MFI, ACSI and Wasasa, to introduce psychometric tests which assess ability (business skills, intelligence) and willingness (ethics, honesty, attitudes, beliefs) to repay a loan.

The 5Cs of lending :    Character | Capital | Collateral | Capacity | Conditions

How it Works:

● Borrowers take an interactive, tablet-based test, consisting of games, puzzles, and questions

● If they score above a certain cut-off, they can get an uncollateralized loan of up to $7,500

Business Development Services (BDS)

JICA held a kick-off meeting for its ‘Business Development Services Enhancement Project (BDS project), which it will implement in collaboration with the Federal Small & Medium Manufacturing Industries Development Agency (FeSMMIDA) and the Federal Urban Job Creation and Food Security Agency (FeUJCFSA). The BDS Services also some selscted WEDP OSSs and WEDP Clients .

New Private and Industrial and Manufacturing College has join WEDP

To Boost WEDP Training, The project has signed MOU with

1. Two (2) Private Training providers: Harambe University College and Africa Beza College.

2. Four (4) Government led Industrial Colleges: Yeka Industrial College, Addis Ketema Industrial College, Kolfe Industrial College and Gofa Industrial College

3. Two (2) Manufacturing Colleges: Lideta Manufacturing College and Bole Manufacturing College

WEDP Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF)

To ensure that all activities within the MSEs supported by the project are environmentally and socially sound; and, Are in compliance with the requirements of

1. The constitution of the FDRE; and, pertinent Ethiopian laws and regulations

2. World Bank environmental safeguard policies (OP 4.01). Other pertinent policy/legislative frameworks.

The ESMF defines the management procedures that allow the proposed WEDP to “avoid, mitigate, or minimize adverse environmental and social impacts” of supported activities and enterprises. Focus on screening criteria, processes and responsibilities; simplified.

WEDP Clients the Winners of Invest2Impact | A 2x Challenge Initiative

Invest 2 Impact ,2x Crowd Category Official Winner from WEDP are 

2x Crowd Category Winner Name
Sparrow Cafe Hana Yosef
Muday Association Muday Mitiku

European Investment Bank President visiting WEDP Client

the EIB will provide a €30 million long term loan to the Ethiopia Women Entrepreneurship Development Project (WEDP) also funded by the World Bank (WB), which supports micro and small enterprises owned or partly owned by women entrepreneurs..